Navy blue poster with large Technoblade avatar, minecraft skins and a yellow Happy Birthday written across the bottom.

Creative ideas for how to host a TechnoBlade- Minecraft themed birthday party

Birthdays are always special occasions, but when you combine your child’s passion for Minecraft with their admiration for a talented YouTuber like TechnoBlade, it becomes an unforgettable celebration. I’m so excited to share some creative ideas on how to host your own TechnoBlade-Minecraft themed birthday party. It is our hope that this party paid appropriate tribute to both the game and the beloved content creator.

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Setting the stage with Technoblade decorations

Let’s start with the decorations that set the mood just right. We have a large open wall where I usually place our seasonal decor, so for birthday’s I’ve been creating custom poster’s for the theme of the party and getting them printed at Staples. For $20 – $30 per poster, its a super easy way to create a really special space that honours the birthday kiddo and adds to the theme. I also created matching party invitations using the simple re-size tool and adding the party details.

I also used Canva to create TechnoBlade activity placemats. Knowing we would be playing video games, I wanted something keep the kids at the table during snack and cake time, and not racing back to the TV. These ended up being the saving grace for a few kids whose caracters had unfortunate ends during a game! There were able to come back to the table, and chill out for a few minutes while working on their pages. And to think I’m not even a teacher!?!  I would really appreciate if you would add your e-mail address to my mailing list as a thanks for the free download.  I never share your information.

The piece de resistance were the TechnoBlade “skins” (or avatar) cupcakes that looked almost too good to eat! I was able to find all of the Technoblade skins on, and printed out two pages, one in reverse, so they would pair up back to back. Simply cut out matching pairs, glue onto a flat toothpick, and you have yourself some custom cupcake toppers! These decorations will transform your party space into a Minecraft wonderland.

Remembering TechnoBlade’s Legacy

As moms, we know the importance of teaching our children empathy and resilience. At the party, we took a moment to talk about TechnoBlade’s journey and his battle with cancer. We talked about his amazing career and rise to fame on YouTube. How it’s important to practice and get really good at what you are passionate about. We also, very gently spoke about how he passed away from cancer, and how each family could make a donation to our local concer foundation for cancer research. Someday we will beat these awful diseases so it doesn’t have to have to other young people! The kids took it really well, they were very earnest about it all. It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate his legacy and inspire our little ones to face challenges head-on.

Crafting Unique Party Favors

Those who know me, know that I try to avoid single use plastic junk at all possible costs. I love to come up with a creative party favor; something that can be enjoyed, and played with many times. Please head over to my post on making homemade minecraft crafting tables. They are made from simple wooden boxes that I bought at Michaels (Amazon link below for something similar). I sanded and then painted with acrylic paint to look like a crafting table. They don’t have to be perfect! You can see mine are quite “homespun” looking, and the kids (and parents) were still quite wowed by the boxes.

For the contents, I went to our local rock and gem shop. There, I was able to purchase real quartz, lapis lazuli, amethyst, red sandstone, and black obsidian. In hindsight, I wish I would’ve purchased a pre-made set, like the National Geographic kit linked below, the price of the stones really added up! Then I added pieces of leather from my scrap bag, wool felt, and even a piece of copper wire.  Apparently, according to my now 9-year old, I should’ve just put in pieces of sticks instead of my nice wood balls – so save yourself a few dollars there. It was so exciting to see the kids immediately dive into imaginative play by placing the pieces on their crafting table in the right order to make tools and armour. Very cool!

Minecraft Fun and Games

Now, let the Minecraft magic begin! Set up a dedicated gaming area with multiple devices so the kids can jump into the blocky world of Minecraft. We had our Nintendo Switch hooked up to the TV, and we grabbed a few extra sets of joy cons. Encourage them to collaborate, build, and explore together. You can even organize a friendly building competition or a challenge to spark their creativity. It’s all about fostering a sense of camaraderie and making lasting memories.

Once the kids had enjoyed their gaming time, we brought them outside for some more fun.  What is the one thing that might draw a kid away from video games you ask?  A pinata filled with candy and treats!  Using poster board, tape and tissue paper, I made a pinata in the shape of TechnoBlade’s avatar.  It took a couple of hours to make one evening, most of that was spent snipping tissue paper (good job to give to kids next time!).  I filled it with candy, minecraft pencils and erasers, rubber bouncy balls, and minecraft balloons.  Although the birthday boy was sad he wasn’t the one to crack the pinata, they all still had a great time trying.

Photo collage of a TechnoBlade pinata in the making.
Poster paper, table and tissue paper is all it takes to create a fun pinata.

Hosting a TechnoBlade and Minecraft-themed birthday party is a fantastic way to celebrate your child’s passions and create unforgettable memories. With TechnoBlade decorations, Minecraft-inspired party favors, and exciting gaming sessions, you’re bound to create a truly magical experience. Take a moment to reflect on TechnoBlade’s journey, encourage empathy and resilience, and watch your little ones thrive in the world of Minecraft. So, put on your party-planning hat, and get ready for an adventure your child will cherish for a lifetime!

It’s all made with love!