Multicoloured knit swatch

Mixed Media Bag

I fell completely and madly in love with Purl Soho’s mini herringbone scarf pattern, and thought it was the perfect “man gift” idea. I had this incredible yarn that I can’t for the life of me remember the name of nor can I find the tag (arg!), and it was knitting up beautifully.

Alas, the colour palette wasn’t as masculine (aka the blue and grey palette my husband insists on) as I had anticipated, and my DH is just not a scarf wearing guy anyway. So what to do, what to do? Conveniently, Pinterest saved the day! Check out this pre-fab leather bag top and bottom from Knitter’s Pride. Looks pretty good in the sales photos right??? Wrong.

This is what I thought I was buying, and if you want to risk it, buy the bag top and bottom here.
Brown pleather bag top and bottom against plastic shipping bag and a grey background.
This is the shiny mess I actually received. So plastic

As you can imagine, I was pretty disappointed with the budget quality of what I received. And then to make matters worse, the return shipping and restocking fee (who does that?!?) came to more than the cost of the bag itself. Le Sigh.

So now I’m on the hunt for either a) a different bag top and bottom, or b) a way to make this look better. Maybe paint? Has anyone out there painted pleather and have it turn out well?

Help! Stay tuned to see what happens….